Executive Functions Awareness

What are executive functions (EF)? Why are they important for education, work and everyday life?

Find out through our executive functions skills courses.

Do you ever wonder why your competent staff member finds it difficult to manage their time effectively? Or why you are always losing important items? Maybe your child finds it difficult to organise their schoolwork or procrastinates when they have lots of coursework to complete.

They may have executive functions challenges. Although neurodivergent individuals are more likely to have EF challenges, everyone will have a unique set of EF skills and have strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

Our course provides an overview of what these skills are, why everyone is likely to have weaknesses in some of them and what we can do to support ourselves and those around us who may have challenges.

Through increasing awareness and knowledge around EF skills, Cymorth Addysg aims to increase understanding and support for a those who may find specific areas a challenge.

We can provide training for workplaces, educational settings and can also hold parent workshops.

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