Wellbeing Coaching

What is wellbeing?

This can be a difficult question to answer and wellbeing is something that many have tried to define. Generally speaking, it is accepted as a state of being happy, content and generally healthy. However, it can have a slightly different definition to different people.

Life is often so busy that we often neglect ourselves and our overall wellbeing. We are trying to meet the needs of our bosses, our teachers, lecturers, partners, children and family, when do we meet our own needs and how do we do this?

Wellbeing coaching can help you to identify issues which may be impacting your wellbeing. Coaching can support you to identify the goals you would like to achieve and to create a realistic plan to meet them. These goals can be anything, from improving mental and emotional wellbeing, improving overall physical health, or developing better work-life balance.

Improving wellbeing can improve our ability to deal with the pressures of life, enable use to better meet the needs of those discussed above, be more efficient and enable us to reach whatever our own definition of wellbeing is.